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Media Lab Coordinator

Help develop and teach at a media lab at a Boston area high school. Establish a network of teachers, parents and community leaders who will support the program. Help teachers with their students and develop engaging media lab projects that are innovative and exciting. This full-time community service year position includes a $12,600 living stipend and a $1,200 education award at the end of the assignment.


The partnership greatly increases our ability to reach out into the community and connect with low-income residences while helping to create the funding base to stabilize and grow the program in collaboration with the community and public schools. The Media Lab Partnerships help to develop and model best practices that will be replicated at other public schools as we grow the program.

The project will greatly increase the use of technology in teaching at each participating school, improve students’ use and understanding of computer technology, and support the wide spread use of media technology, media literacy and project based learning by teachers in the partnering schools.


The Media Lab Coordinator role


The Media Lab Coordinators will work with HOME, Inc staff and the administrators at each of the school and after school programs to help develop the in school and after school network of teachers, parents and mentors that can provide support to the students utilizing the media lab. This may include developing events, participating in committees, arranging guest speakers and other outreach. The coordinator will assist in researching project opportunities, and developing curriculum models to expand the offerings at the media lab.


The Coordinator will be in the schools three to four full days and will supervise and provide:


1. Support for classes in video and multi media in the school approximately 15 class hours per semester up to four days per week  working with the teachers and after School lab time three days to complete projects.



   2. Planning and development of MLP projects.


The planning will include:


  • Conducting student and teacher surveys
  • Identifying themes and opportunities to amplify the school time learning through focused projects
  • Lab set-up procedures, computer placement, and any security recommendations
  • Staff orientation to the kinds of projects that can be supported
  • Considerations for making a media lab accessible for differently-abled people
  • Aligning media-focused curriculum with State and City frameworks
  • Develop and collect data to analyze the effectiveness of the program


To download an application: Media Lab Coordinator Application form

You can fax or e mail the document with your resume to: 617-427-4664


Or, snail mail to the following address:

HOME, Inc.

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