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Media Lab Intern

HOME, Inc. (Here-in Our Motives Evolve) was founded to develop the talents of inner city teenagers, youth organizations and schools in media and communications. HOME’s Media Lab Partnerships (MLP) have reached over 1,900 middle and high school students in 11 Boston and Somerville schools. Central to the partnership is the creation of media lab; a shared public space within the school equipped with Mac editing systems and production equipment, and a media lab coordinator. The lab coordinator manage the labs, designs and teaches in school and after school programs, reaches out to and assists teachers to use media projects in their classrooms and coordinates volunteers. Students individually and in collaboration learn a range of media skills from deconstructing media content; conducting research on the internet; learn about the use and applications of today’s social media; construct simple web sites; acquire skills in a variety of computer graphic programs like Photoshop; learn digital storytelling; and gain facility in the use of portable video production and editing.


Background: Majoring in Education and/or Media Studies/Communications


Positions are available in both our Middle Schools and High Schools

Technical Skills Desired (Middle School):  Basic understanding of Media Literacy. Basic production and video editing skills (students use flip cameras in classroom). Knowledge of either iMovie or Windows Movie Maker; Garage Band, Photoshop Elements, PowerPoint; animation software; basic web site design; understanding of and use of social media.  Knowledge of Flash not required but useful. Experience working with MAC or PC.

Technical Skills Desired: (High School):  Basic understanding of Media Literacy, principles of journalism. Intermediate production and video editing skills; digital storytelling, storyboarding, screenwriting; understanding of and uses of social media; conducting research on the internet; animation software; basic web site design; basic knowledge of Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, PowerPoint, Garage Band. Knowledge of Flash not required but useful. Experience working with MAC or PC.


What you may be doing in classroom: 

The HOME Inc. Media Lab Intern will be assigned to a middle school or high school and will work in the classrooms during school or in the after school program with our lab instructors for ten hours a week for a minimum of one semester. This is an ideal opportunity to apply your knowledge and skills in media literacy, technology, and education in a public school or public internet center setting.   Besides being a general aid to the lab instructors, interns will work with students in groups and one-on-one and help them envision and create their various projects during the course of the semester.

Interns can expect to learn about new technology applications and cutting edge approaches in education and will have the opportunity to give extra attention to students who are having difficulty with time management, communicating, and in general keeping up with their peers.

Ideal candidates will have experience or a desire to work with school aged students and be comfortable working with media and computer technology with some background in digital storytelling.


To Apply for internship:

Download application form: College Internship Application form

You can either fax back requested information or mail or e-mail to the following addresses:

Fax: 617-427-4664

HOME, Inc.

566 Columbus Avenue

Boston, MA  02118


Application Process:

  • Complete application
  • Attach resume (if available)
  • If interested we will schedule interview







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