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Welcome to the Verified Resume. A tool that helps employers and students make good decisions about employment, education and career opportunities. The Verified Resume puts employer and employee together on the same page; the VR helps educators and mentors guide young people as they seek their career and educational direction.

Why use the Verified Resume?

Over ten thousand people each year in summer jobs programs, internship programs, and other work experiences across Massachusetts are evaluated on the basis of their performance on employment skills determined by state standards.

There are four main benefits to using the the Verified Resume…

  1. Knowing What is Expected: The Verified Resume (VR) defines the student’s job description and lists those skills that he/she will be evaluated on. It helps the student know what is expected and to be successful in their work.

  2. Knowing your Skills: The Verified Resume (VR) lists the skills that are important in the students job or internship. In the future, the student can talk about these skills when he/she is writing resumes, interviewing for jobs or applying to colleges.

  3. Opening up Conversations: The Verified Resume (VR) helps to open up conversations between the student and their mentor about the skills students are using, goals, the workplace environment, future career opportunities, and more.

  4. Verifying what students know and can do: The Verified Resume (VR) is reviewed and verified by a supervisor or mentor. This provides a high degree of reliability for colleges and employers on the information that is provided.

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