Adventures in Media Literacy


Ever feel misunderstood? Like people don't know the real you?

How would you respond if someone was spreading false impressions about you? What if news media spreads false impressions about your community?

What would you do if a TV camera was put in your face and a reporter was asking you questions?

How can news reporters affect your community? Can they spread the wrong ideas, and if so, what can be done about it?

Try your hand at playing Adventures in Media Literacy, and see how making different choices can affect how the media covers your community.

How to Play Adventures in Media Literacy

To play, simply follow the instructions. When you see "CHOICE POINT" you will need to make a decision. Often, there is a link to additional information that can help you make a choice. After you make a choice, please write down what you decided and why you made the choice you did. . For a printable form to help record your answers, click here. Finally, click on the choice you selected to see what happens next.

To start click on the title below:

Who Do You Trust?

Teacher Notes

If you are a teacher and would like ideas on how to use this game in your classroom, click here.

Why this game was created

This game was created as part of a U.S. Dept. of Education grant to provide media literacy training to teachers in Boston Public Schools. This web-based game is to encourage students and teachers to think critically about how the media impacts their own community of Boston. In particular, HOME Inc.'s focus in on three areas where media has an affect: Health, Violence and Disrespect. To learn more about how the media impacts these issues within a community, go to the links in the blue box on the left.

The following interactive simulation presents a real-to-life situation that focuses on urban youth and shows how the media impacts the issue of disrespect within a community.

(The photos in the top banner are from left to right: Thomas Fleming, Founding Editor of San Francisco Sun-Reporter, San Francisco's oldest black weekly newspaper; a press conference in China; a newspaper from Greece).

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