Teacher Notes

Teacher Notes

The folling notes are suggested approaches for using the game. Please feel free to modify your approach. Comments and suggestions are welcome! Email: kimslack@homeinc.org.

There are many ways to use this game in your classroom. Two possibilities are to 1) Give the game as homework and 2) Conduct the game a part of the classroom activites.


Set the scene by explaining that the game the students will play is to help us think about the role the news media plays in our everyday lives. Explain: "In this game, you will assume the role of Joe, as he is confronted by TV cameras and reporters. You need to make choices for Joe and when you do, please write down why you made the choices you did. Later, we will discuss you reasons.

Discussion Questions

1. Let's work from the beginning of the game. Has anyone encountered someone like Francine--who entertains people by exaggerating other's faults or misfortunes? Do you think this happens with the news media? How?

2. How many said they would try to defend themselves from Francine? Of those who said "yes," why did you say this? Do you think the result you found when you clicked that response was what might happen? What else might you think could happen?

3. How many said you thought Joe should speak to a TV reporter? If not, why not? If so, why?

4. How many thought Joe should speak to the reporter before going to the police? Why? Those of you who said you thought Joe should go to the police first, why did you think this? What does your choice say about who you trust? What do you think contributes to a sense of trust in a community towards the news and police?

5. How did the ending make you feel?

6. What do you think you would do differently?

7. What responsibility do you feel the news media has to a community? Should they give as much coverage to crime as they do? Should they try to balance their coverage? Should they not worry as long as their audience ratings are high

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