Adventures in Media Literacy

Who Do You Trust?

Adventure in Urban TV News reporting

In the following story, you will help Joe, a teen living in Boston, decide what to do in different situations involving the media. Please write down the choices you make and the reasons why you think it is the best course of action. To print out a form for your answers, click here.

The following scene takes place near a school.

Francine: “I wouldn't go over to Joe’s house. It's bad—it’s a real dump."
And it smells! There is trash all over the place.
And watch out for the dog—it’s really mean. He'll take your whole hand off if you get too close!”

Joe had invited a girl over to dinner when Francine, the school loud mouth overheard and tried to spoil Joe’s plan.

Joe lives with a younger sister and his parents. His dad is unemployed and coaches youth tennis. His mom is a computer programmer. His grandfather also lived with them and had a memory disease called Alzheimers. His family kept their house and yard clean. The neighbor’s house was not very clean and they had a loud dog.

If you were Joe, would you try to defend yourself by explaining how Francine was wrong?

Before clicking below, please write on a piece of paper your answer and why you chose that course of action. Click here if you would like to print out an answer form.


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