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Sarah Smiley

Sarah's performance art includes collaboration with creative people to combind performance art wiwth installations in a gallery or theatre setting. Part of her residence includes exporing early 20th century systems thinking and how a change in some of these early assumptions might look today. Sarah will be making special presentations in HOME's Black Box theatre and exhibition area during her residency.

For more information on her latest project, see the website: http://www.virtualberet.net/shannon/


Bebe Beard


From the window designing world, to teaching illustration at local colleges, Bebe Beard is a Fort Point Channel-based artist, now developing her craft at the Bates Art Center. With video installation work in the foreground of her life, she will be teaming up with local dancers, and experimenting with digital video, to produce her work-in-progress, ‘Plastic Series Works.’

Describing her work as "Orchestrating a convergence of plastic sheeting with ceiling paint, dance, pencil drawing and projected video", Bebe opened her residency featuring live and recorded performances with her first collaborator, Sun Ho Kim. The reception, on February 6th, 2004 made full use of the Bates' interiors that were transformed into a dancers' workspace.

During the exhibition, Bebe was on site to discuss her exhibit of old televisions with jarring images and sound loops compressed onto DVD at HOME, Inc.’s facilities. Sun Ho, brought a troupe of dancers from the Boston Conservatory that enhanced his choreographed movements in stairwells, on a high ledge, and against plastic sheeting in our theater. He then welcomed audience members to try out the foreign texture and experience the installation hands-on.

Bebe's plastic series is a commentary on many different meanings from acceptance, to political messages in the post-9/11 period.

For more information about HOME's residency program, click here.

To learn about the previous artist-in-residence, click here.

Performance Artist

Edwin Pabon( left) entertainer, performer and teacher, and Alan Michel, HOME, Inc. Director joke with some of the old and new video production equipment during a break in editing Edwin's new music video, "Solo Un Tiempo," recently released with his new CD. Edwin got his start in video with HOME Inc., in 1974 through 1977 when he was a teenager and was involved in several of HOME's Teen TV video projects.

Edwin Pabon may be reached at Pabonelselsero@aol.com. His website is: www.pabonelsalsero.com

Artist - in memoriam

Efrain Collado, long time media artist at the Bates Art Center and Board member of HOME, Inc. passed away on April 29, 2004 after a long illness. Efrain was a long time contributor to programming in the Hispanic community. Our condolences to his wife, two children and those of us who were touched by Efrain’s kindness.


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