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The Bates Arts Center


For 30 years, HOME managed the Bates Arts Resource Center, a 12,000 square foot historic building, as an arts incubator to provide affordable studio space for local artists from various disciplines. The Center is now under development by the City and under city sponsored management.


"Grimace Kachina"
by Gertrude Brown
Exhibited at Bates Art Center
from January, 2002
to March, 2003.

During our tenure as manager and programmer of the Bates Arts Resource Center we offered:

E. C. Productions films a children's program for Halloween at HOME's Black Box Theatre as part of a comedy pilot program planned to air on Univision's Spanish programming schedule

Bates Development Plans

In 2000, HOME received assistance from the Massachusetts Historic commission and completed a historic preservation study of the Art Center building, built in 1884. This study was used by the Boston Redevelopment Authority to draft a request for proposals (RFP) that would provide affordable and permanent artist live/work, studio and cultural space at the site. This is the first time the city ever sought the exclusive development of live/work space for artists.

HOME is excited about the city’s development plans that include building up to 66 artist live/work spaces in the adjacent parcels. Home's Director, Alan Michel, says, “We see it as a culmination of our vision for the arts center. We hope it will be a way for making a future that’s permanent for artists in terms of studio space.”

For more information, read the June 6 story in Banker and Trademen. For an summary, click here.

Developers viewing an artist studio space at the Bates.



The Bates Art Center was founded in 1976 when HOME made the center its home at 731 Harrison Ave. in Boston. Throughout these beginning years, HOME, Inc. managed the Art Center to keep studios affordable and safe for artists to develop their crafts.

Support for capital improvements were obtained from the Fidelity Foundation, the Technical Development Corporation, the Riley Trust, the City of Boston, the Boston Architecture Center, the Local Pipe fitters Union, Boston Gas, and many others.

To help the center's resident artists become more connected to the community, HOME, Inc. has initiated many community arts projects. We obtained city and state arts funding and foundation and corporate support for youth media projects, public art projects and numerous educational and arts exhibits and workshops. HOME, Inc. brought together over 30 Sculptors in a Summer-long city wide outdoor sculpture exhibition to honor the city’s Jubilee year.

The South End was a featured location in HOME’s Jubilee 350 Sculpture Exhibition. Sculptures were installed in Worcester Square, Union Park, Boston Center for the Arts, Boston City Hospital and the Bates Arts Resource Center.


"Trusbee" by Alan Michel was featured next to the Bates Art Center for over 20 years.

HOME has maintained a corner sculpture park at East Newton Street for 20 years in partnership with the City for the pleasure of neighborhood residents. In May 2003, the sculptures were removed to make way for development of the art center.

Sculptor Miriam Knapp at her installation, "Mary Lou" in 2000 next to the Bates Art Center


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