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Brighton High School Media Lab Partnership


A career pathway school, BHS, offers several media courses such as TV production, Journalism, Computer Graphics, Multimedia and Intro to Media, which have been strengthened by the media lab partnership with HOME. BHS Lab coordinator Stephen LoVerme has taught digital storytelling, video production and Flash animation in the Multimedia class and helped students in TV production produce a new/talk show style TV show. Stephen worked with students to film, edit and create DVDs of school events such as the school music and senior fashion show, and has worked with classes to explore constitutional case studies and the 2008 presidential election with media projects. Stephen also teaches an after school media program which is currently working on a series of instructional videos on using the library and conducting research.

Election Unit (Video)

Brighton High School students delved deep into the issues at the heart of the debate of the 2008 presidential election. Teacher Vanessa Foster teamed up with LoVerme for a comprehensive election unit comprised of several projects including a "Letter to the Next President" essay, campaign video ads and a mock election/ survey. The mock election had an interesting twist; in addition to a general vote between Obama and McCain, students were asked to choose between two positions on issues such as gun violence, immigration, the war in Iraq, education and the economy, but without specifying which position belonged to which candidate. The election results saw Obama winning by a large margin, but it was observed that McCain gained a significant amount of support on the issues when the candidates were not specified. The election results were visualized in a series of graphs. Leading up to the election the class broke into groups, each being assigned a candidate and an issue. The groups then did research on the issues, each producing a hallway display and and a persuasive video ad for their candidate.




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