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                   Media Lab Partnership Program

Current  Partnerships: English High / Young Achievers / Somerville High

Selected Past Partnership Profiles:  Brighton High / Social Justice Academy




Schools and community agencies often have a hard time keeping up with changes in technology and media in education. HOME's Media Lab Partnership program provides a service year volunteer and support resources to partner schools and agencies to create or expand their media literacy and production programs. A wide range of partner facilities can be adapted to our program depending on the age of the students and extent of the program resources and the goals at each site. Typically the partner provides a media lab; a shared space within the school or agency that is equipped with computer editing systems and production equipment. The Lab Coordinator manages the lab, designs and teaches in school and after school classes, reaches out to and assists teachers to use media projects in their classes and coordinates volunteers. Lab coordinators are usually young college grads whose age and experience in media and technology affords them knowledge of media trends and the ability to relate to the students they work with. HOME's MLP program is flexible to each school or agency’s needs, whether that means teaching a TV production class, assisting teachers or simply managing the lab. To learn more about the programs at each of our partner schools, follow the links at the top of the page. For more information about becoming a Lab Coordinator, see our Opportunities page.

Support for HOME's Media Lab programs has come from EdVestors, AmeriCorps VISTA, and donations from HOME's sponsors.







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