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Media Lab Coordinator

Help develop and teach at a media lab at a Boston area public schools. Establish a network of teachers, parents and community leaders who will support the program. Help teachers with their students and develop engaging media lab projects that are innovative and exciting. This full-time community service year position includes a $12,600 living stipend and a $1,200 education award at the end of the assignment.

For more information, contact alanmichel@homeinc.org

or click on the following link: Media Lab Coordinator


Media Lab Intern

The HOME Inc. Media Lab Intern will be assigned to a middle school or high school and will work in the classrooms during school or in the after school program with our lab instructors for ten hours a week for a minimum of one semester. This is an ideal opportunity to apply your knowledge and skills in media literacy, technology, and education in a public school or public internet center setting.   Besides being a general aid to the lab instructors, interns will work with students in groups and one-on-one and help them envision and create their various projects during the course of the semester.

For more information, contact alanmichel@homeinc.org

or click on the following link: Media Lab Intern



Help make a difference with young people! Become a mentor for our high school students and work with them as they develop their skills in media and their interests in the field. Mentors develop a year long relationship with a young person and help guide them as they begin to explore career opportunities and education options.

For more information, contact alanmichel@homeinc.org

or click on the following link:  Mentoring


Artist in Residence

The The Artist in Residency at HOME, Inc. offers a three month to six month residency which may be renewable for an additional six months upon mutual agreement. The Residency provides free access to HOME's video production facilities at our offices at 566 Columbus Avenue in Boston. Facilities include access to an Apple Studio Suite equipped editing system, with Live Type, Motion, Final Cut Pro and other software. Additional equipment includes Betacam SP editing deck, a DVCAM camcorder, A Canon professional HD digital Camcorder, a camera boom, wireless microphones, fluid head tripods, lights etc.

We can also provide a shared small office space. We expect the resident artist to screen their work at events and special viewings open to the public. This may include presentations in the public schools and at other venues where exposure is of educational value. At this point there is no stipend included with the residency.

We are particularly interested in video artists who are working on projects that have some social theme or value. We are interested in supporting artists whose work has the potential to have an impact in some way on a particular issue or cause.

We request that prospective Artists in Residence write to us outlining their needs, project that they are proposing, and explanation of how this residency will help them accomplish their goal. Please be sure to include a resume and contact information. We will then get back to you with further discussion. If a residency candidate is selected, a written agreement is drafted that is mutually agreed upon.

For more information, contact alanmichel@homeinc.org



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