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School Activities in Media Literacy

HOME's involvement with schools begins with training in Media Literacy and continues with coaching in curriculum development and project management.

Teachers have helped students analyze media messages using a variety of media and approaches. For instance, at the Lewis Middle School, students examined the kinds of news reporting done on their community of Roxbury. At Brighton High, students analyzed a specific TV news story about their school.

Another important component of media literacy is understanding an audience by using a web-based survey. Students at English High compared how students' opionions about violence differed from their school to others.

After analyzing opinions of their peers, students develop a theme for thier Public Service Announcement (PSA) video project.

In the fall of 2003, HOME has delivered training to three schools, English High, Cleveland Middle and Tech Academy.

At a November Media Literacy workshop, two teachers from English High, Ryan Rud (left) and Laurina Morgan (right) share a laugh.


Three teachers from Tech Academy look on while Kimberly Drooker from HOME shows video editing software. (Left to right: Steve Ensdorff, Alycia Scott-Hiser and Shannon Oatey)


Lewis Middle School teachers Paulette Squires (left) and Larry Roland (right) discuss how their lessons went with Kimberly Drooker (second from left) and Kim Slack (third from left) from HOME.


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