HOME, Inc.

Education Services

Workshops in video, telecommunications, and media literacy for youth: HOME works with teachers and students utilizing storyboards, scripts and interviews to explore an array of topics, create themes and storylines and collaboratively produce high quality programs. The programs we have designed with teachers and students also involve the promotion and dissemination of materials using an interactive Web site. We can work with your organization or school to develop similar programs and innovative curricula.

Professional development and technical assistance: HOME works with educators, administrators and other staff members in using technology as a teaching and learning tool. HOME customizes training programs to your needs and frameworks. From developing training on specific media software applications, to developing strategies for using media projects as organizational change agents, HOME, Inc. can develop a workshop or professional development option that is right for you. Various venues include the BPS Center for Leadership Development, the Boston Youth Symposium, the Massachusetts Education Association, the Boston Public Schools Media Literacy and Health Project and our own biennial media literacy conference.


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