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Somerville High School Media Lab Partnership

This year we are starting with a new project, centered

on a project run out of the high school library that is building

on Somerville High School's on line portfolio initiative.

Our new Lab Coordinator Kelsey Jarboe, will work with

teachers to develop on line portfolios and we are

assisting in developing an on line journalism project

with the high school.

The partnership has allowed the school to offer a TV and Media Production classes, which past  media lab coordinator, Craig Leach teaches and continues to teach after being permanently hired by Somerville High. In addition to several individual projects, students in the class collaborated on a school news program, a short film and a collaboration with the Music Technology class. The class explored issues pertaining to New Media culture with exercises based on MIT's New Media Literacies curriculum. In addition to the class, Craig worked with a the art department (cartooning and photography), creative writing, AP government and US history, music technology, biology, Spanish and French classes on student video projects.

Interactive Website

Integral to the TV and Media production class at SHS
has been an online workspace developed by HOME
using Drupal. The website gives students access to
course materials such as the syllabus, assignment instruction and due dates anytime, anywhere.
Students are required to post their work, which
includes project outlines, scripts, research material
and their finished video projects. The site also allows students to interact with their teacher and peers
within an online space.

Boston Something - Student News

For the news show students did stories of local interest, which included Boston's Duck Tours, skateboarding and a historic water powered mill that still operates to this day.

"Bad Day"

The fall media class culminated in a collaborative short film project. Each student in the class wrote a script based oh his or her own idea. The class then voted to determine which script to produce together, with students taking on roles of camera, sound, editing and acting.

Community Partnerships

Several organizations expressed interest in partnering with Somerville High in order to offer classes, internships and more to the students. These include Educational Channel 15, Somerville Community Access Television (SCAT) and Somerville Voices.



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