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Social Justice Academy Media Lab Partnership

The three year media lab partnership at Social Justice Academy was mainly focused on an after school media program called MOSAIC. Students worked on media projects of their choice, many of which focused on school community, social justice or personal issues. In the second year of the program a group of students took a trip to Washington DC to march in the Iraq war demonstration. HOME's lab coordinators worked with a group of students to create a documentary of the experience.

The Peer Justice System

The Peer Justice System at SJA is an innovative alternative disciplinary system based on principles of Restorative Justice. The program, a partnership with Northeastern University Law School, involves weekly training in legal and restorative justice for a group of student volunteers and a series of youth courts. When an incident, or breech of the school community occurs, the offending student(s) can opt for a youth court trial before a jury of his or her peers. Responsible parties and the school community are represented by peers, and at the end of the trial the jury prescribes a remedy to mend the harm that has been done. HOME worked alongside SJA students to document two youth court trials and produce a short documentary piece about the Peer Justice System.

Becoming President

Students at SJA discussed their thoughts on what it takes to be elected President of United States in this day in age. The media, race, gender and economic status are all weighed as factors, with a focus on the candidacies of Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton. The interviews
were used in a 10 minute video which was shown at an assembly.

SJA Students March in DC

A group of SJA students attended the ani-war march in in DC in February of 2007. Two lab coordinators from HOME accompanied the group to help them document their experience.


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