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Welcome to the Teacher's Library for Media Literacy .

This page is a resource for teachers to use in teaching media literacy. Featured here is curriculum from Boston teachers, teaching aids, and internet resources for further exploration.

NOTE: Many of the documents on this page are in "pdf" format. In this case, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open them. To download free Acrobat software, click on the Adobe icon below:

Media Literacy Curriculum (all pdf files)
Media Analysis Ken Brack, Boston Tech Academy
What is Cool? Glamor, Fashion and Self Esteem Paulette Squires, Lewis Middle School
What is Cool? Media Macho Larry Roland, Lewis Middle School
Gathering Information, (surveys for audience research, media stories) Kimberly Nettensheim, English High School
Peice by Peice (storyboarding) Shannon Oatey, Boston Tech Academy


Media Literacy Teaching Tools

Blank Storyboard (pdf)

Blank Treatment (pdf)

Blank Project Breakdown (Word doc)

Notes on Acrobat Storyboarding (Word doc)

iMovie Tutorial (pdf)

Video Rubric (Word doc)

Media Literacy Related Standards: Massachusetts and Boston Public Schools (Word doc)

High School survey for audience research (pdf) (final results on survey monkey)



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