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         EPISODE 21 Boston College Readiness:On this episode of Teen TV our hosts

         Brittany and Alex introduce some organizations in Boston that help high school

         students with college readiness. Included are interviews with two local non-profit

         organizations, Bottom Line and Grub Street. We also take an in-depth look at the

         Microsoft Store in the Prudential Center Mall.



EPISODE 20 Boston Cultures: On this episode of Teen TV our hosts Atavia and Raymond explore some of Boston's unique cultures that are under the radar. Included are interviews with Nivia Pina, co-owner of Merengue Restaurant. Also Karen Young, founder/artistic rirector of The Genki Spark.


EPISODE 19 Emerging Artists: On this episode of Teen TV our hosts Heli and Carlos inform us about some of Boston's most creative up-and-coming artists. Included are interviews with various artists at Boston's SoWa Open Market. Stephen Alkins, a local Boston poet and some young future game designers who participated in a game design boot camp at MIT are also featured.



EPISODE 18 Boston Day & Evening Academy: On this episode of Teen TV students from Boston Day and Evening Academy explore the Boston Zoo, the anti Wall Street Rally, and issues of over consumption and violence with a sense of humor and insight.


EPISODE 17 Performing Arts: On this episode of Teen TV our hosts Tuner and Kani discuss the different kinds of performing arts that Boston has to offer. Included are interviews with Khamari Bendolph, the founder of Boston local dance crew Thee Slap Bracelets. As well as Wyatt Jackson, the founder of Chillax. Also included are some very funny PSA's and commercials that will get you laughing out of your seat.


EPISODE 16 Creative Economy: On this episode of Teen TV our hosts Gina and Dhejour discuss the creative ways people in Boston make money in today's economy. Included are interviews with Greg Selkoe, the founder and CEO of Karmaloop. As well as Vince Petryk, the founder and owner of the Boston area ice cream shop J.P. Licks.



EPISODE 15 All That Food: Show hosts Josh Mendez and Darren Brimage take a look at home grown foods on local farms and exotic foods at some of the city's more interesting restaurants. Watch as we taste different foods, attend different events, and explore the different types of food that represent the many cultures of Boston.


EPISODE 14 Arts & Entertainment: Join Maria Clay and Shaniqua Hunt as our crew from Teen TV explore live theatre at the Huntington Theatre. Drop in on a mural painting project in Dudley Square, visit a tattoo artist at work, and get a look into the work that goes into the annual carnival with it's beautiful costumes and dancing in Boston's neighborhoods.


EPISODE 13 Teens Against Violence:  On this episode hosts Tiffany and Teo take a look at different ways teens can avoid violence including different programs that are in and around Boston. Learn how mentoring and coaching can help make a difference. Teens talk about how violence has affected their lives. This honest and personal conversation will touch you and connect you to how loss to violence affects teens in Boston. You will also see some of the great sports facilities and traditions that provide safe alternatives for teens. Watch

EPISODE 12 Teen Survival: On this episode of Teen TV we take a look at the challenges that teens go through such as peer pressure, how to handle bullying, how to have safe relationships and how to protect yourself. We even have our own award winning music video that gives good advice on how to get along. Crystal Marcial and Kathleen Eccleston host this segment and take a good look at the health issues that concern teens including AIDS, legislation and other ways teens can take action.




EPISODE 7   Our first TEEN TV episode of 2009 focuses on health related topics.  Our hosts are Adrienne Green and Jade Hendricks, students from English High School in Jamaica Plain.  Darren somersaults into a segment on the Broderick Gymnastics program, exploring just what type of athletic and educational opportunities are provided to local youth.  Maria took a stroll around the city to get the dish on people's eating habits and their knowledge of the four basic food groups in our Say What segment.  Other segments soaked up skin care tips for teens and info on programs offered through Boston area Boys and Girls Clubs. Watch

EPISODE 8    Hosted by Stacey Carter from Madison Park technical Vocational High School in Roxbury, and Marco Madeira from Jamaica Plain's English High School, this episode is money.  From Sammy's segments on how to save money on a date or while hanging out with friends, to Maria jumping into the fray with a hard hitting piece on the Boston Public Schools budget, conducting interviews with the Madison Park headmaster as well as the chief financial officer for BPS. Darren asks some key questions about the MBTA in this episodes Say What segment, too.  Viewers even get a behind the scenes glimpse of what goes on at TEEN TV and some of the organizations who help students become a part of this and other programs. Watch

EPISODE 9   In this segment of Teen TV, the Somerville cast explores the vast amount of changes that have taken place over the past few years in the city Somerville.  As your hosts, Leakia Studmire and John Cruz take you through what has already occurred, what is happening in the present, and what is being done to implement changes in Somerville for the future.  We get the public’s perspective on how the city has changed and how it will change due to the construction of the Greenline.  Local organizations working toward to betterment of the youth and community are also interviewed.  Some of Teen TV’s own musical talents may even be featured, so check it out! Watch

EPISODE 10   Multiculturalism in the city is explored in this episode of Teen TV Somerville.  The crew visits Somerville’s own Foss Park to get a first hand look at the widespread diversity impacting our communities today.  Hosts Tatiana Tmusic and Tim Lavallee also take you into the streets of Boston where we further look into how our diversity is affecting our culture.  The public answers our toughest questions regarding their opinions on multiculturalism in the city, and a special stop motion sequence is included as an example of how our cultures help shape us as individuals. Watch

EPISODE 11  TEEN TV's 2009 finale is hosted by the ultimate tag team: Maria Clay from Madison Park and Darren Brimage of English High School fame.  For this one, Kennysha offers up some tips on how to reduce stress and improve your grades at the same time. We have Stacey's profile on Bottom Line, an organization that helps teens with financial aid and a host of other issues when preparing for college, this episode proves to be very informative.  Don't forget about Say What, though, as students talk to men and women on the street about the educational, financial and social implications of college life.   Watch



EPISODE 4 Teen Special Episode on the 2008 presidential election. Hosted by Risa McKenzie and Kevin Escobar. Darien Clark interviews Politicorps, a self described political boot camp for young activists. Gabby Camacho investigates The Food Project's Urban Garden and farmers' market in Dorchester. Other features include a Teen TV Cribs tour of Zumix, an East Boston organization that empowers youth through music, and Pet Pals, which arranges animal visits for the elderly. Running time: 26:23 min Watch

EPISODE 5 This episode focuses on conservation and saving energy. Hosted by Gabriela Camacho and Ashston Bennett. Say What takes it to the street to find out what people are doing to save energy. Risa and Michael look at Bikes Not Bombs, which offers bicycle technology to impoverished countries as a peaceful alternative to war and environmental degradation, as well as mentoring youths and selling used bicycles here in Boston. Teen TV also takes a look at G-Row, and after school and summer rowing program for girls, and Urban Improv, which provides youth a creative outlet to express themselves through improv drama. Plus a PSA that will make you think twice before littering! Running time: 18:36 min. Watch

EPISODE 6 This episode focuses on health; physical, social and mental. Hosted by Diana Rodriguez and Wilfredo Pineda. Kevin and Darien take a look at Tenacity, a program that teaches kids to play tennis as well as reading. Risa and Michael investigate Youth Build Boston, which offers vocational training for urban youth while developing affordable housing for the needy. Finally, Risa reports on the Samarateens hotline, where teens lend a kind ear to people at the brink of losing all hope. Running time: 20:57 Watch



EPISODE 1 This episode is focused on the arts. Hosted by Taychon Little and Jarrod Green. John Kahn investigates some changes for the new school year, while Risa and Mike explore Cloud Place, a space for Boston youth to get involved in screenprinting, filmmaking and other arts. Teent Tv checks in with Artists for Humatity, and Michael Sequiera takes us inside the Computer Clubhouse at the Museum of Science. Running Time: 26:30 Watch

EPISODE 2 Ron Bray show up to find the studio empty only to realize that he overslept and everyone is out filming. John Khan introduces us to the Carribean steel drum group Branches, while Taychan Little investigates Sociedad Latina's multimedia programs. Lil' Mike takes us on a tour of the studio at BNN, Say What tests peoples' knowledge of local history, and the episode is topped off with a Pokemon parody sketch! Running Time: 22:20 min Watch

EPISODE 3 Hosted By Brittaney Cameron and Taychon Little. Teen TV takes a look at social networking sites Myspace and Facebook, while Lil' Mike tries to make friends in the "RealSpace". Teen TV also looks at public art with Medicine Wheel and the Boston Mural Crew. Meanwhile, John challenges the wild and love is in the air with Come and Get Your Date! Running Time: 25:30 Watch



EPISODE 0 The episode that started it all! Hosted by Ashley Lewis and John Khan. Features include Save the Harbor Save the Bay, What's Good in the Hood?, KRUMPin' , YouTube, and Can You Believe it's a Sport?
Running Time: 25:15 min Watch