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Teen TV launches new shows on its web site. Take a look at new episodes and explore the City of Boston like you never did before! You will find stories for every interest, from episodes on Art and Entertainment that feature body art, cultural festivals, and mural projects, to an episode on Self Defense and the impact of city violence on today's youth. The Teen TV shows are now being cable cast nationally on Manhattan Cable Television's Youth Channel, and will soon air on Philadelphia's Public Access television station. Stay tuned for more updates to follow!

Are you interested in what our teen producers feel about Teen TV. Check out their interviews and reflections on their experience this past summer.

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12.2.08 Teen TV to Air Mondays at 5pm on BNN

Starting this month and going through March, BNN (Boston Neighborhood Network) will be airing episodes of Teen TV Mondays at 5pm, starting with the 2006 pilot all the way through episode 6 and then repeating. Look for it on the following channels: Comcast 23 and RCN 83. We're very excited to have the program airing on cable, and the next step will be to send Teen TV out to other stations in the area.


11.21.08 Teen TV Premiere Screening a Success!

Yesterday HOME, Inc. held a screening of Teen TV in the auditorium at English High School. It was attended by many of the programs participants as well as some faculty members and members of the community. Each member of the crew recieved their own delux edition copy of Teen TV 2008. The event was videotaped by EHS TV Production teacher Xavier Rosaz. A special 45 minute composite episode was shown, as well and a trailer for Teen TV 2007, which did not have a screening such as this. Thanks to everyone that showed up, you made the event a success!

11.05.08 Teen TV Now Playing on!

It's official, Teen TV is now airing worldwide on, which is also the host of our videos on this site. You can view episodes 4-6 as well as an assortment of clips on the channel at Episodes from previous seasons will be posted in the near future.